Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainy weather and the auction

I have always been told that the rainy weather brings out the serious bidders at auction. LAst night proved that statement. It was a standing room only crowd as we went through 320 lots which included coins , guns, furniture, glassware, band instruments, jewelry and numerous other "goodies". There were some steals and there were some deals, but overall items brought fair prices.
That's the beauty of an auction. The crowd determines the price. Not some "expert" estate sales person.  And when the night is over the merchandise for auction is all sold. There is no "residue" to deal with Sunday after the estate sale. More on estate sellers later.
It's a rainy Sunday and paperwork needs to be done. Hope everyone stays safe, especially teens on spring break.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


After you look at the pictures and details let us know what you think.

All American Auction

Wow, what a neat car! That's what I though this morning when I first laid eyes on the 1951 Buick we will auction off July 4th. 37,300 original miles...been in three movies, including "A Beautiful Mind". It the car Ed Harris drove as a G-man. Check out more at